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Re: KAL ~ Knit for the love of it! Sept 30 - Oct 6

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn View Post
Good morning all! I come baring pics as promised. So I started a sheepy set to stock in my store (wherever I decided that store shall be). It will be a size 6 month sweater and longies set. I may add booties or a hat. Not sure yet. Aaaaaanyway... I would like your opinion on the sweater. Should I make the sleeves solid blue or should I add the greens to them like the body of the sweater??? The longies will have dark blue waistband, light blue body into tops of legs, light green legs, and dark green trim of legs. I will then add sheep and trees to the legs of the longies. So... how to do the arms of the sweater? wdyt? Thanks so much!!!

can you do the longies first and ask again? I am undecided. I was thinking solid blue w/different trim color at the cuffs but if the pants have lots of contrasting green might look nice? Obviously, the wrong person to ask....Not much help
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