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Re: My daughter joined Girl Scouts and I got volunteered

I just sewed my sons Boy scout patches onto his uniform. There was already a patch pre-sewn on so I did it the same way. Used colored thread that matched the patch and used a straight stitch. Had no problems at all with the larger patches, but the pack number, which was 4 small number patches, was a bit of a pain. I ended up using tape as another poster mentioned to hold into place and then tore the tape off afterward. I do like the staple idea that another poster here mentioned too! They did have the badge magic sheets there, but I figured I would save the $9 for a sheet. The woman helping me at the store said that you can iron on the patches and they will stay for approximately 5 washes. (She said she had a dad call up very unhappy when the patches started falling off because he thought they ironed on permanently.) If I didn't hate using an iron so much it would have made sense to iron on the patch first to keep it in place and then sew it on.

Oh, and like the pp mentioned the woman at the Scout store said that it is better to sew on than use the badge magic sheets because it is easier to remove a badge that was sewn on.

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