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Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l

Those full boobs can weight like 2 lbs or more. They hold milk and extra water in the tissue. Plus not going to the bathroom and being up a bit before weighing. Weighing should be after you get up and empty yourself first. That can explain the weight. I can weigh a 4 lb difference from AM weigh in and evening time before or after dinner.

So - here is my weirdness for the day. I lost more weight after 2 days of chinese food. I am 153.8. Not sure how, or why, but I will not argue and think I might eat it again just to see if it happens again. My milk is leaking everywhere, and my body seems to like chinese take out for some reason. Not sure if I am just messed up, or I was nto getting enough calories before and the chinese made it so. But I am losing by cheating now. While dieting I gained 4 lbs. Now I am confused as to what to do. I am thinking I might have to join MFP and count calories instead of anything else. I think I am not eating enough and starving my body till it holds onto fat and water.
Kimmie if you join MFP we would love to have you. Also it could be. The extra fat might have been what you needed. I lost over 3lbs this week!

If you join MFP my name is likka_me look me up.
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