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Originally Posted by WynneBabies
I do. It took me awhile to clearly see the path, but it is clear now.

I would think it would be difficult to adopt a baby who is deaf domestically. Not impossible, but remote. It's going to be difficult to find a baby. Your best bet would be a toddler internationally from a site such as
My thoughts as well. How often do parents know about hearing impairment before birth or even 6 months? So many people are afraid of foster care but I think this is an area that you might be able to find what you are looking for. Honestly there are many things about domestic and international adoption that are very risky and scary and often I read about people adopting infants that they end up with drug exposure and other problems that are the reason people are afraid of foster care for.

I would begin making contacts asap even if you aren't ready now or even on the next few years. See if any friends or family know any faculty members at the school, contact your local dcfs to ask about what would happen if a kid came into care that have any impairment, maybe even email some sites for special needs adoption as pp mentioned.

I think its awesome that your are considering your faith in this. Too many christians ignore that they have been called to minister to these kids.

I know sign as well and have worked with deaf kids and in the deaf community. They are a very tight knit subculture and many are weary of the hearing and their possible judgements. A lot of deaf people they do not view it as a disibility but a gift. For this reason alone I think you would have a hard time finding an infant whose parents (likely deaf also) would chose a hearing family to adopt their child. Theres a great documentary on netflix right now about brothers and one had chosen to give their deaf baby a cochlear implant. It tore the family apart. It went a lot into deaf schooling and the debate about the implant and immersion in regular school vs deaf school. Very interesting. I hope to become an interpreter when I grow up.
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