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Re: Swagbucks Challenge Thread - October

Originally Posted by kbz2002 View Post
I'm only at 23 for the day, dq'd out of all the surveys I had, trying to do tv but really busy at work. hoping to make it soon.
I'm right there with you, I only have 20 something because of a 11sb search could be a long day if things don't pick up!

Originally Posted by MellieEwing View Post
Ok so, I'm wondering if anyone else has what one might call 'swag quirks'? Lol. My swag quirk would be I like to end on an even number at night before I quit. Either my total for the day, or my overall total. I don't usually just quit at an even number either. I like it to be at the very least a multiple of ten, preferably a mutliple of fifty or one hundred.

Anyone else do this? I know I am weird, but I'm hoping I'm not alone.
I usually do this long as I'm not burnt out. If I'm burnt out then I just stop where ever I am. So no, you aren't alone!
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