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Can anyone tell me how to make any of these items? Also, menu ideas?

I'll be honest, I'm not the best cook. Usually when I want to make something I pick a few ingredients (the healthiest I can find for the best cost) and just "make up" my own recipe. While my own family tolerates this ok, other people often give me weird looks and end up not eating a lot of what I've made. We have friends coming for the week and I need good "real" recipes for a few things. Pllleeaaase help me out!

**from scratch mac and cheese
**easy throw in the oven and forget about it chicken breast (I'm so scared of chicken. I always overcook it and it sits in the fridge for a week before getting thrown out.) OR crock pot chicken breast
**lentil soup
** BBQ chicken in the crock pot... ? anyone ever do this?

Also, if anyone wants to throw out menu ideas for a week while we'll have friends staying at our house I'd appreciate it. The way we eat won't be affordable to do while they're here, and honestly I'm just nervous about being a hostess and doing a good enough job that I'm just.... unsure of myself and not good at accomplishing much right now

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