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Re: Need to vent about my mother.

Well talk was somethign of a non entity... she wouldn't broach the subject at all on her own... but was atleast once again showing interest in my pregnancy. So I finally just said are you okay with it if I annouce at Thanksgiving. She said yes... so we'll see. Big annoucement at the dinner table isn't my style or actually any of the family's style. But if I can get it in there in the pre dinner mingling then I will. And i may send announcements to the out of town family... though i know once the news is out is will beat anything i mail... my one aunt is an incurable gossip.

It does seem that my comments about the fact that it's a rare event that I actually talk to the extended family outside a family gathering where as she talks to her sisters weekly did sink in atleast. I don't think she'd actually considered the logistics of it. (in her defence she is just back form a european holiday and jet lagged. Actually so are all my aunts so should make for an interesting Thanksgiving here)

I'm still bothered by my mom's inconsistancy on this but i suppose there's nothing i can do about it but ride it out... I know she's going to be fine once she has her grand baby. Just have to not let it get to me i guess. Atleast my dad has turned out to be more positive then I expected. And my firends are probably more excited then I am at this point... so I have positive input coming from that side.
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