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Re: What do you think of moms who...

Originally Posted by Sydsmom View Post
We don't do well visits past 4 mo or so. My dr is wonderful and is comfortable with only seeing us at 1 yr and 1x/yr after that. I feel like I am pretty in tune with my kids and their bodies and hope I would catch something if there was an issue. I still call him all the time and ask him random poop/pee/growth etc questions though
I love my ped too, I can call about something and he will ask what I think the problem is since I know my kids.

And while I understand that there are rare things like brain tumors (although I'm pretty sure I would notice if my child's head grew that much) the schedule for the first couple of years is a vaccine schedule, after that it's just once a year so very reasonably a child could develop a problem within that whole year that would go undiagnosed. So if babies need to go every 2 months then older children need to go every 2 months just in case something is wrong. I missed my yearly exam when I was 11 because we were in the middle of moving to a new state and they were overlooked. When I was 12 I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, it usually hits around puberty and my case was very aggressive so chances are it would not have been picked up at age 11 anyway and even then there were no early treatment options that would have helped. I do not take my older girls to the doctor every year but I do make sure to check their spines every couple of months.
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