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Re: How to lower water bill

Instead of doing a cold rinse first, you could soak the dipes for 2/3h in bucket of hot/warm water containing soap and bleach right off the bat. Use just enough water to ensure that all the dipes are underAnd then transfer to the W/m. I know you want to rinse the urine off, but this step does save water. You'll then need to do only the last step of 1 warm/warm + extra rinse.

If you feel that it wont be enough, you could put the soaked dipes in another bucket(or empty the soak water into the toilet and use the same bucket) of clean water, swish with your hands awhile and transfer to the w/m.

I do this on laundry day when I dont want to have to wait for a soak cycle. I have 2/3 buckets and soak clothes by color and have them lined up one after the other. Saves on time and water.
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