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Re: What do you think of moms who...

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
We have blood and urine tests at our well child visits. We fill out developmental surveys. Not all parents know when to expect certain milestones. They rely on their doctors to let them know if their child is behind in an area. Hips are checked. Walking gait is checked to be developmentally appropriate. Did you know that it is normal for babies and toddlers to be bowlegged, then for early school aged children to be knock kneed until around age 8? The abdomin is inspected for hernias. Outie belly buttons are often hernias and can go unnoticed by parents who have no clue or understanding of them. This is just off the top of my non-medical head.
Interesting. In my 12 years of mothering I have never had a ped check my kid's blood or urine unless there was a reason (swollen lymph nodes, possible UTI etc).
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