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Re: To vax, or not to vax

I know it can be frustrating to find a Dr that is a good fit for you and your family. It really sounds like this guy is not a good fit. Yes, sure, he said he's okay with you making different choices about vaxing, but yet he's using scare tactics and outright lying to force you into changing your mind and doing what he wants.
That isn't being respectful of your choices at all. It's just being manipulative.

For example, with DS1 when we delayed - we went to the Dr for his 4 month check and shots, we told our Dr about the reactions he had showed at his previous vaccines, and we said we would prefer holding off on anymore shots until later. The Dr said "okay, that's totally your choice." and that was it. No mention of kids dying or living in a bubble.
He did mention shots at the other checks after that, but once we said that we were still waiting he would just say "okay" and leave it at that.
And that's how a good Dr would be. Unless I outright ask for his opinion on something, I expect not to hear it!

Another example, though with my OB - my first appt with him when pregnant with Levi he asked what my plans were for that birth (had had a c-sec with previous pregnancy). I said "Definitely VBAC", he said "Okay" - and nothing else was mentioned. No scare tactics or "facts" about uterine rupture or never going overdue or having to be extra careful. Nothing.
Again, that's how a good Dr would handle it. Even if he disagrees with your choices, a professional should know to separate his feelings and opinions from his work.
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