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Re: baby naps and toddler trouble- wdyd?

Originally Posted by tesslouise View Post
I'm dealing with something similar...I have a 3-year-old and a 7-week-old and trying to pay attention to one at a time inevitably ticks off the other one.

Telling your toddler, "If you can't be gentle (quiet/respectful/whatever) with the baby, I will have to separate you" is absolutely reasonable and your husband's opinion is only relevant if he is present to distract the toddler for you. So no, I don't think putting your toddler in another room for five minutes is harmful.

I know my older daughter gets more obnoxious and aggressive with the baby when she's tired herself and/or desperate for my attention. Good or bad, it's still attention, right? So I scold her, and she throws things or herself, or runs off and sulks, or shrieks at me. It's an unfortunate cycle and sometimes separating the kids (or letting the older one run off and sulk--she usually goes in her room to read) is best for all involved. Then once baby is calm or asleep I can do something one on one with Rowan--bath, books, whatever.
I totally agree with you. My DH was like, well you might as well put him in the closet, he can't get hurt in there. He obviously is clueless . I know he will outgrow it, but he is having a hard time adjusting and this behavior is a bit new.

Originally Posted by Van1300 View Post
I am expecting #2 and have been thinking about what to do with my DD who is almost 3 during nursing. I have hear that a special toy box just for nursing is a good suggestion. Your toddler could have his own special box that you guys decorate together with books, games, toys, snacks etc. to only be used when you are nursing the baby. Call it the "Big Brother Box" or something like that. Make it all about him.

I'm going to try something like that and see how it goes
thanks! my issue is not when we are nursing downstairs, I can distract him then. It's when we are in our bed. Even with books and toys, etc, he has been getting a wild hair about him and doing stuff just bc he knows I am kinda stuck :/
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