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Originally Posted by carlycurry
Tina... did your OPK turn positive yet? Mine STILL HASN'T!! CD 15 today... I thought for sure it would be positive by now... guess I am going to O late this cycle... glad I am temping this time around or I'd be all sorts of confused.

This could be why I have always had a hard time getting pregnant... for a while I have always figured since I have a 28 day cycle that my O date must be right around 14 or 15... maybe not the case and I've just been missing O a LOT over the past 6 months. Although, with OPKs with the last pregnancy I got a positive OPK at CD13 then pretty sure I O'd on the 14th... so now I'm wondering if taking extra Vitamin B6 this whole cycle is making me O late or something!
Originally Posted by TinaDeanette

Nope! They are getting darker though! This is insane! I wonder how long my cycle is gonna be though. Before the loss it was every 25 days. I'm so glad I'm charting!
You ladies must be waiting on me, lol! Cd 5 should be Oing in about 8-9 days.
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