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Re: Talk to me about HSing

Hi there CMamma!

Welcome to the homeschooling forum!

Glad TJR hopped on this thread and replied. I am going to disagree w/ TJR on a few things though.

I am also one who recently started driving but I was HSing my DDs for a few yrs w/o driving. Why do you need to drive to socialize? Do you have neighbors whose houses you can walk/bike ride to? Can you arrange for people to either come over to your house or give you rides? What about doing the socialization when DH is home and can drive all of you?

I am a procrastinator as well and I know procrastination carries into homeschooling. My DD has a letter she needs to write to her penpal and I said I was going to do it earlier this wk and never did. I am really going to try to get it done today. Things like this happen to us often where I say I will get it done and it takes much looonger to actually get to it. I have the attitude oh well it got done late but it got done. Then there are things that don't get done and I say oh well maybe they weren't so important after all. You care about your children SO much and you will do everything in your power to help them succeed.

I am the SAH parent and my DH works outside the home so it works out that I do most things w/ my girls. We are relaxed homeschoolers who do our own thing. My girls are free do different things throughout the day like reading, drawing and playing outside. We really like how this lifestyle works for us.

Feel free to ask us more questions and realize there are SO many different ways to homeschool. What works for one family may not work for another.
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