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Re: Are you winging it?

Hi there Jesajane!

We are winging it as well.

Don't worry about winging it because as you said it is working out for your family.

You asked in your post does everything have to be tied into schooling and it seems like so much we do w/ our children is learning. You mentioned a hike. This is a field trip, it's exercise and learning about nature (science). Look at how many things you covered during the hike which you enjoyed w/ your family.

Don't worry about your DD falling behind @ this point. She is learning tons and I know you will be happily surprised w/ her testing results when she hits 4th grade. PA requires standardized testing in grades 3, 5 and 8. I have administered the test to a few children and spoke w/ many others about their homeschoolers standardized test. Before the test the parents fret and wonder how the kid is going to do, after the test just about all of them say they wish they wouldn't have worried because the kids did great.

Best wishes and keep having fun learning w/ your DD!
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