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Re: Talk to me about HSing

I don't drive at all. I could, but we have a mini-van and I can't/won't drive it. For several years I could not drive at all while doctor's tried to diagnose me and then while I waited for meds to work and for my seizures to be under control. Right now I have permission to drive anything I want and I can go to work and drive tractors if I want (and sometimes I do) but I will not drive that mini-van. I gave up my car during the diagnosis process as one of the doctors I was working with told me I would never be allowed to have a driver's license again and having the car was a financial hardship at the time anyway (long story). I regret that decision now as I will never be able to replace that particular car for such a good deal but whatever. We are a one car family and the car happens to be a mini-van for better or worse. We "socialize" in the evenings and on the weekends. Somehow, and I didn't plan it this way, we wound up with something planned for every single day of the week and sometimes double booked. It started with TKD a few days a week and wound up with dh as a partner at our TKD school so we are there almost every day for 3 hours. Then we added roller derby for ds2 plus family skate night on Tuesdays and we are grateful to have just free time/school time while dh is at work during the day. We can walk to places (mostly just the park across the street) or friends can come see us but mostly we just stay home during the day. I admit to being incredibly anti-social. I am the product of public school and did not learn to properly socialize. I do have an excuse, at the very least I have social anxiety disorder but some people say I may be aspie. My oldest child is ASD and socializes far better than I do. We just don't worry about socialization.

I can be a procrastinator, it is in my nature. More than anything I get caught up in other things, like right now I should be cleaning but I am on the internet. And later I will probably get distracted organizing instead of making a shopping list, it's just what I do. To prevent this from being a huge problem I make lots of plans and then hope that at least half of them work. We have a pretty structured routine and luckily at least my oldest is good at following it (ASD kids like routines, he doesn't require it like some but he will follow it so long as he can see it). My youngest hates routines but as long as he has an idea for flow of the day I can get him into something. He is presently a year ahead of his peers so I am trying to be laid back about this. It is hard for me as I am a bit of a control freak.

In our home I do all of the teaching with the exception of PE which I guess you could say dh teaches since that would be TKD time. Our kids get tons of PE. I'm the SAHM so I'm the teacher. If I am really burnt out dh might help but since we always have something to do in the evenings there really isn't much time for dh to work with the kids. It is ok, he has a hard time with the teaching thing. He is smart, he just doesn't know how to give direction in non-physical areas. He tends to be a very "watch what I do and copy it" kind of guy. He and ds1 like to watch physics lectures together though so that is something.
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