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Re: Need help beginning EC

Hi there Jomamma!

Welcome to the EC forum and congrats on your son Jude.

I am glad strongwoman got on here and gave you these excellent tips.

Don't be afraid to start. All you need is your baby and the diaper off. Next time you are doing a diaper change either have a little bowl/ potty or take him to the toilet/sink and see if he goes. What do you have to lose?

I got hand me downs and what I did w/ the onesies was snap them on the side hip. The reason onesies can be annoying is they are hanging down when we potty our babies then get wet w/ pee or poop.

I also didn't purchase a top hat potty. Do you have a plastic container w/ a rim that will be comfy on DS bum? You could use a wipes box, a Tupperware type bowl or even a mixing bowl. You don't have to let the lack of not having a potty stop you because of the many different receptacles you can use.

Best wishes and feel free to ask us more questions!
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