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so my finial numbers are in...

Chances are I'm done getting diapers for my current baby I went through my TOTAL paypal and checking account history and pulled up every diaper order I've made since I was pregnant.. including accessories.. I can't say exactly what Ive bought but over her diapering days I can say I've gone through several sizes from preemie through true one size stashes.. Ive had form all prefolds and flats to all AIOs. The size of my stash has been as few as 1 dozen diapers and as much as about 4 dozen...

The honestly total amount not counting resale or such from my first purchase 7 months preganat to my last one made about a week ago...
$ 915.32

I'm keeping for baby #3 (which is in the plans ) 12 NB sized birdseye prefolds, 4 preemie and NB sized AIOs and my current stash of freetime and thirsties.. SO far all my kids have been similiar shaped and all so i've fairly confident another will use them.. These diaper if I bought again new would run me about $570 my actually cost was less because of sales and some were bought in on FSOT for much less. From my caculations the above actually cost me $245

I'm also handing onto my accessories my wipes pail liners diaper sprayer etc which accounts for about $90

from what I didn't keep some what towards trades, for example a LOT of my prefolds were the results of diaper trading... However I did sell some of the remaining $580ish in spending and recouped at total(after fees) of $208.67 a good amount were NIP or worn once washed and listed..others were loved and sold her pennies on the dollar.

SO my cloth diaper spending reality for one kid $706.65

My DD is 30 months she averaged 14 diapers a day for about 3 months
12 diapers a day from 3-6 months
9 a day till about 15 months
currently 6 a day...

So shes has been changed an estimated 7,740 times when I use sposie I tend to use more generic or store brand types VS like huggies or pampers so each change is an estimated 14 cents per diaper that comes out to $1083.60 I didn't even figure out wipes but it would have account for a few 100 more..

so yes I still saved with cloth and will countunue as were not ready to PT yet..., could have saved more if I didn't change my mind so often

yet to see what a future child might result it....

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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