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Re: Oatmeal

I like these oatmeal bars... they are good warmed up, fridge temp, or room temp and the "recipe" is soooo flexible.. I use up little bits of stuff hanging around the pantry. They are soft/moist... not like a crunchy granola bar.

2 c rolled oats (not instant or quick)
1 cup milk (or milk-like substance... soy, almond, etc all work fine)
1/2 c applesauce (or yogurt... or pumpkin... or whatever)
1-1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs (or egg substitute)
can add sweetener as needed/desired... white sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, agave all work well. I often make it without added sweeteners.
dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chopped fruit like apples or pears, berries, extracts, spices etc...

Mix everything up and spread in an 8x8 pan (or cupcake tins) VERY WELL sprayed with nonstick spray. Alternately you can butter the pan really, really well. Cook at 350 (I have done up to 400 dep on other things I am baking at the same time lol) for 35-45 mins til golden brown. Cool and cut into squares/bars.

Some ideas:
-vanilla extract + pumpkin pie spice + pumpkin instead of applesauce
-blueberries and cinnamon
-almond extract, dark chocolate chips, and dried cherries
-vanilla extract, raisins, and cinnamon
-trail mix
-shredded coconut, coconut milk, dried pineapple, ginger
-and so on!
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