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Its too hard

DS1 is closing in on being 5 years old. At least once a day, he uses the excuse that something is too hard or he's too tired to do something. It's morning, he was reading something from Cars 2. He was having trouble pronouncing Porta Coursa (or whatever it is). He asked for help saying it. I was saying the syllables one at a time for him to copy. He stopped halfway through, started crying, screamed that he can't do it because its too hard, and stormed off to his room. He never wants to ride his bicycle or try anything new; he always says he doesn't have enough "energy". I know it's not a fatigue thing; he's plenty energetic. He just absolutely hates doing anything wrong, to the point he doesn't like doing anything new. I constantly remind him, that learning new things is great, and when we're learning, we often make mistakes, and its no big deal. When he's calm, he repeats all these back to me like he gets it, but an hour later, he's freaking out again. Any tips for calming down the "mistake anxiety"?
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