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Hello there Janellenowitzke!

Welcome to the EC forum!

It's great your DD is aware of what the potty is for. You said she has been using the potty since 9 months old. Was she using it before and then she stopped or has it been around but she wasn't using it?

It's awesome you tried going diaperless a couple days. I am going to suggest going for more than one day diaperless. It takes our little ones some time to get use to the idea of going in the potty instead of the diaper.

Do you think she would like to pee standing up? Could you try letting her pee in the tub?

Even though children can be very verbal it is tough for them to communicate the need to eliminate because they are just learning it themselves.

Little ones also tend to pee more in the morning than in the afternoon which may explain why she sometimes pees a few times an hour.

Here are some suggestions for you:
Take her to the bathroom when you need to go and offer her the chance to go. Talk about using the bathroom and explain to her others use the bathroom. I even point out when animals eliminate.
Try to lose the diaper as often as you can because the diaper hides elimination and keeps them less aware. It also might be more unpleasant to have pee running down your leg and you might be more willing to get to the potty to avoid that.
Don't wait for her to communicate the need to go. Be preemptive and offer her the opportunity to go based on timing (like every 20 minutes or so) or at the change of a different activity like before leaving the house, when getting home, before/after bath.
Have neat things by the potty that she can only use while she is sitting on the potty.

Best wishes and feel free to ask more questions.
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