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Re: Back at Work ans Stressed Out - Help!

I completely understand the issue of SO not being home for the frantic evenings - DH is not home til after DD's asleep, 4-5 nights per week, AND he works ALL DAY Saturday and every other Sunday.
Some thoughts:
-Definitely shower at night!
-Re: dinner prep, I do lots of cook-once-eat-2/3/4 times, with the big cook day being planned for a night when I know DH will be home (IDK if your DH schedule is that reliable?). On his late nights, DD and I will seriously have scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, or cold cereal and fruit. I feel no remorse for this.
-I leave stuff in the crockpot for 10-11 hours and it's fine... big cuts of tough meat though, not b/l s/l chicken breasts OR you could start the crockpot the night before, and when you wake up pop it in the fridge? Then at night it's just scoop and reheat!
-Is there any way that you can get into work earlier? I realize it would kill the whole commute-with-DH thing, but if it's at all possible a little more time in the evenings can make a big difference. I leave the house at the crack of dawn and it's up to DH to get DD off to daycare. Then I leave work quite early (for most people) and have more time in the evenings.
-Simplify anything you can. Ie errands on the weekends - combine, make DH do quick stops on his way home from work, purchase online, etc. Do you have a smartphone? Can you do anything via app while commuting?
-My favorite tip... let the housework go Seriously, i scrub the kitchen floor maybe once every couple months. Bathrooms are clean, we have clean clothes and diapers, everything else I consider expendable :-)
-I clean the tub while I'm in it and the rest of the bathroom while DD is in the bathtub.
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