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Re: starting out

Hi there!

I am SO glad to hear you are trying to convince your bf to EC.

Really I would suggest to not buy too much and see how things go. If you need more you can always add to your stash. I started using prefolds w/ my 4th and overbought. It's tough because you want to have enough to last you a couple days but you don't want to have too many.

In the beginning you use more prefolds because you want to keep them dry so even if there is just a little pee on the prefold you change it. After you start getting more in tune w/ your baby and your baby is eliminating less you start to use less prefolds.

I never used cloth wipes so I can't tell you how many you should get. When I ECed my girls I used the cloth dipe as a wipe or I more often used regular toilet paper.

Best wishes and feel free to ask more questions!
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