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Woah Nelly! So that is what ammonia smells like!

I thought we had had a little ammonia in the past. Nope, just stinky pee. Even my sitting for 4 days diapers have never smelled like that. This morning we were sitting in the dining room, DS2 still in his night diaper, and my eyes start burning, my nose hairs start burning, and I get a wiff of that smell. Took DS2 to the changing table, and his diaper just reeked of ammonia. Then the whole room started stinking. Took diaper to the sink and rinsed until no more smell. But wow, I did not realize that ammonia stink was THAT bad. DS2 was not red or irritated at all in his bottom area. Thank goodness.

So, that means my diapers weren't clean, right? I am using Tide, adding a little bleach to each load, and recently added Borax to all our laundry to get rid of some weird funky smell. Thought it was my washer since all the laundry smells a little off, but maybe Tide is no longer working? I went a couple weeks with no vinegar rinse, as everytime I went to the store, the vinegar shelf was completely bare. Just put it back in the rinse, and BAM, ammonia.

Any suggestions? We have ridiculously hard water and an LG HE machine. I run on the bulky cycle so there is more water in the tub during the wash cycle. Calgon and washing soda are not available locally. I am thinking of trying the Target F&C Clean Rinsing stuff mentioned in another thread. Any other recommendations would be appreciated though.
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