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Re: Religious people, did you feel called to adopt a certain way?

I remember the deaf community being close and I can see why they would be like that. My thinking is that a child (if given antibiotics at birth) would know fairly early if they are deaf. My son was given antibiotics at birth (born via c-section and had a hard to adjusting to normal air) and he was tested before he went home. I guess I may be assuming that hospitals would test if there is a question. I guess I should also add that I am pretty close to the NJ state school for the deaf as well (lived here 7 years now and never knew till a few weeks ago). I also don't think a implant is right for everyone. Now if said child wanted one then I would move heaven and earth for them to get one, however I do know that if I adopted a deaf child, I would be adopting a deaf child that I would fit our life around, and not the other way around, if that makes sense.

Are there any countries that would consider me for a foreign adoption considering my history of cancer, assuming I got a note from my doctor saying I have a normal life expectancy?

I fear foster/adoption not because of the problems those children may have, but because I know how sensitive my son is, and he may not do well with having to say goodbye to the child.
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