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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Yeah for you, Shannon, that they were feeling cooperative yesterday. That makes everything so much easier.

Heather I'm hoping since we haven't heard from you in a day or two that you're having a baby! But if you haven't had that kind of luck yet, can you tell me if Singapore 1A/1B is quite a bit harder than CBM or if they're pretty comparable? I still haven't made my math decision yet, although we've done a few pages in the CBM, but we're mostly using games and hands on stuff right now.

As for today--we've done everything we needed to do this morning and it went very well! It was very encouraging after how the rest of my week has gone. We're doing the review part of MFW 1st (we're on day 5...or is it 6?). We're doing most of it's recommended stuff but tweeking the math and I'm using our hooked on phonic K book to review. I've been having them read me a few stories a day and having Keegan work on his blending. I'm hoping he'll be reading to move on by the time we get past the review part because all this "write you letters" stuff seems like a bit of a drag. But it would probably be different if you actually started after a summer break and needed to review it, lol. I've looked ahead in the teacher's manual a bit and it's making me a bit nervous to see how fast the reading part goes so I'm trying not to do that anymore and just take it one day at a time.

Hope everyone else's day is going swimmingly!
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