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Re: Basically it's Friday!

I think maybe the whole day being good is too much. She's got a lot of self control to put into that day and it's sad if she messes up and cant fix it. If she knows one mess up and you're out than she has no reason to try and be good after one mess up.

Didn't the old school have a colour code system for their behaviour? We have something similar or Derry. She gets a smile/neutral/sad face per lesson in school so we can see what's going on and help when needed.

Would that work for Ginger too?

We dont punish for things done in school but we do talk about the behaviour and see where things could be made better. It helps the kids to understand what's expected of them. Not that it means they'll be better next time but it's all part of the process of continually reminding them of the correct behaviour. It does go in even if they can use it when it's needed.

Is it possible that she wins rewards for enough good smiles in a day rather than the Massive task of being good all day.
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