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Re: I don't know what to do to help my DD

Hello there Josiekitty!

It is awesome your DD has been using the potty for a while. Congrats on how things where going for several months. I want to assure you that you did nothing wrong.

It is great you are still offering her the opportunity to go and not reacting to her peeing in the diaper or on the floor.

The others have given you some great advice. I am going to suggest to maybe let her pee standing in the tub or to try to change things up to make them fun and exciting. Some examples could be getting to put the potty in a different place or putting something @ the bottom of the potty that she gets to wet or poop on (like a little piece of paper or little stick). Make things into a game instead or it seeming like another thing to get done. Maybe offering her a special toy to play w/ she can only use while sitting on the potty.

Feel free to join us over in the elimination communication forum.

Best wishes and feel free to ask more questions!
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