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Re: santa or not to santa?

I was a strange child that worried over way too much. (Seriously I stressed about health insurance in elementary school and we had it, I was just worried I would grow up and not be smart enough to have a job and get it. I also had stress ulcers in high school. Not normal!) Santa scared me, not just the creepy guy that you take the picture with (for the record DH plays Santa so, I know not all are creepy but, I hated strangers as a child, big shock huh?) but, just the idea of some strange man coming into my house while I was sleeping. I don't know why just Santa, I was fine with the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. Anyway, DH and I have this ongoing debate about whether to do Santa or not and the conclusion we've come to is, we'll do Santa as long as DS seems okay with it but, if he's hesitant at all we'll stop.
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