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Re: Cramps, back pain, generally uncomfortable.

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
mama. I agree, all this stressing is not good for you or that Bean. And I know, it's easier said than done to relax.

Cramping can be normal, for so many different reasons. As long as it's not really painful, and there's no spotting or bleeding accompanying it, it's more than likely nothing to worry about.
For the constipation - drink lots and lots and lots of water. LOTS. Eat some bran (muffins, cereal, etc), drink/eat warm liquids. A cup of coffee can help, too, but I don't know how you're feeling about drinking coffee while pregnant.
I drank almost a gallon of water yesterday.

I had a cup of coffee this morning. Then I had a bottle of apple juice.

I'm gonna go chug some more water and hope that something happens in the next day or so.

I was thinking, though.... I haven't been holding down a lot of the food that I've been taking in (thank you, morning sickness), so maybe there's just nothing in there? I'm not extremely gassy, or in pain... just feel a general uncomfortable feeling in my lower belly.
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