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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Jen - It took me so long to type my above post between taking care of the kiddos that you posted in the meantime.

The Singapore does take them farther than the CBOM does. I'll have to compare them more in depth for you later. But, the Singapore starts on basic multiplication (if I'm remembering correctly) and the CBOM does not. I'll look more closely later tonight. My son likes the CBOM, but I felt *I* needed more instruction and I felt that he needed to go farther this year. It seems very simple to me. I'm thinking we'll still use the CBOM as a supplement. Oh and when we started 1st, we were doing mostly hands on too, but I quickly realized that for Zack, he needed more in-depth.

We only took about a 1.5 off between K and 1st and the review seemed dull to me too. Zack never complained about it and seemed happy to do it. I may have skipped some of it if he'd complained. Since he didn't, we just kept going. I was glad when it was over.

I was very nervous about how fast the phonics goes after the review. Zack was blending really well at that point, but he really doesn't like reading. It's a struggle to get him to do it simply because he really doesn't like it. (It isn't the program. Anytime I ask him to read something himself or sound something out, he complains. Today, I asked him to read the directions to something because I knew he could read the sentence. He got huffy and didn't want to. He just doesn't like it because it isn't easy for him.) So, I was pretty nervous it was going to go to fast for him. I thought the pace of K was pretty right on target for him. However, it turns out all my worry was for nothing because he really isn't having any trouble with the pace. Obviously, we've taken a big break, but we really weren't stopping, taking breaks or review days before this. He was fine. There is a lot more review built in than I realized. Plus, you can always slow it down if you need to or put in some review days.

(BTW - It also took me like 40 minutes to get this posted. Kiddos and I had to stop in the middle to get some bread started in the bread machine for dinner tonight. I realized if I didn't start it right then, we wouldn't have it. LOL.)
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