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Re: Is Mini boden worth it?

We are big Boden believers for certain things. Tshirts cannot be beat. Thick, soft, they don't shrink or fade much, some are on their 3rd boy here and resale is fantastic. Most of their pants do have drawstring waists that really cinch them up. That said, we don't buy their pants here. They are shorter and very wide in the legs which doesn't work for my beanpoles at all. Many of their pants are also very heavy which no one here likes. Boden underwear lasts forever but runs really big IME. Socks are great. Jackets are great. Sweaters are not worth the money. They pill as PP noted and are no better quality than anything else for much more $$. For us, all 3 guys have stashes of Boden tshirts that are always reached for first and look the best. Worth every penny. We gifted all Target, Oshkosh and Carters tshirts due to shrinkage, fading, pilling, and poor fit and quality. We have Boden and Janie and Jack T-shirts here and the occassional Gymboree. We wear ours daily. GL!
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