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Re: When did/would you let your child go to a sleepover? (non-family)

I have a handful of friends with daughters, and of those, I would trust 3 or 4 of them to keep DD for a sleepover. I think my DD would think it was the most AWESOME thing EVAH! But she's only 5.5 and hasn't been invited yet and I am not really ready to have a couple of rowdy little girls at my house yet. One day tho!

I have 1 other close family friend that I'd let watch my kids overnight without batting an eye, and a handful of others I could call on in an emergency and not worry about whether my kids were safe and cared for but wouldn't use them for fun just b/c they aren't THOSE kinds of friends, KWIM?

So lots of people that we are close to that I am comfortable with, but not all of them have the type of relationship with us that we'd let them keep our kids overnight.

I actually think this depends on a lot of things... how mature is your DD? Would she be ok in a new place with a new friend, with adults she doesn't know well all night? What is her friend like, is she the kind of kid you would want your daughter to be close friends with?

But the most important questions are the ones I think you already know the answers to - How do YOU feel about the parents? Their family dynamic? Their discipline methods? Their habits? Their speech? If something makes you uneasy, it's always best to err on the side of caution.

Maybe you could plan a play date for the girls instead and meet the mom at the local park or Chuck-E-Cheese or even plan a "cupcake party" for the girls ... something fun they could do and enjoy together that would give you a way to get to know this mom better without handing your kid over for a whole night. KWIM?

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