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Re: Sharing vs. more toys

ok, I scanned the responses. I think I'm the oddball here. My kids have to share b/c I'm not buying more toys.

I warn them a few times to be nice and share. If they get really crazy over something, I just take it away. They can play with Duplo blocks without the car piece. (we have the Duplo blocks, too and just one car piece)

In other countries kids play with rocks and sticks. My kids can be happy they even HAVE toys, and if they can't share, we'll give them away to someone else who can.

It's not even that I'm a minimalist. It's just that I really think sharing and learning to be content with what you have is a lost art that is dying really fast.

There is a difference between what you NEED and what you WANT. Life is not always fair. Learn to share and be happy with what you have. <------ Those are the messages I want my kids to learn, and I try to reinforce that in everything - toys, food, clothes, etc.
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