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Re: Disney vacation?

We went this summer and I was really impressed at how much my 12 month old could do! We went to each park for one day, one day at sea world, and one day at Discovery Cove. It was a great vacation! My tips are to take a carrier for the baby, a Gemini or non-padded lightweight ring sling (or both if you will wear them often). Take snacks and drinks as they are $ in the park. Make a list of a handful of things you can all do, and make those priorities, there is no way you will be able to do everything, and use the fast-passes if you can. Get there at opening, I didn't realize it owuld take so long to get to MK (parking lot, then wait in line for the monorail, then in line for bag check, and then for getting in, took about 45 minutes from the time we were parked to actually be IN the park), so if MK opens at 8:00, get to the parking lot by about 8:15-8:30. We got more done the first 2 hours the park was open, then took an afternoon break, then came back for fireworks. Our philosophy was to have an enjoyable day, not try to 'get our $$s worth' by doing everything and stressing ourselves out and over-tireing the kids.

If you are only going the one day I would not stay on property, however I would suggest making it the vacation spot, and spending 3-4 days in the parks, b/c they are the most family-friendly thing you can do! And you won't be bored either With that many people, you can each get a value room. You may also want to look into renting a condo or house in the area , we did this as we are a big family, and we plan to do it again next summer. We looked at our options for on-site, and it's just too $$ w/ a family our size for the small rooms, so we will be renting again.
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