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Re: I thought it was my diapers but it wasn't

My youngest seems to have some kind of dairy sensitivity. She is on sensitive formula because she spit up and had a lot of gas when she was born and this helped. Actually my older two were on it for awhile too so it wasn't a surprise when she needed it too. She is 7.5 months and I was slowly starting to switch her to the regular formula which I did with my older two at the same age with no problem. I do it gradually over a month so it's not a drastic change. I noticed right away with the baby that she was having a lot more dirty diapers and she had bleeding sores instantly, even if I changed her within a minute of her going. I went back to only the sensitive formula and she is fine. The part that gets me is that she eats yogurt almost every day and that doesn't bother her at all.
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