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Oh em geeeeee! The scale moved! FINALLY! I'm down to 170.8.... Let's see if this sticks. I'm not weighing in again till my next assessment w my trainer which is in 3 weeks. This will be tough to hold out on but I really want to not focus on the scale as much anymore.

Originally Posted by slimy72

Maybe your body needed more calories to give up the weight? I really have no clue thought. But hey don't knock it right?

AFM, back down below 154 again today but I'm still going to wait two more days to call it a real loss. I hate deciding it's here to stay and then I shoot right back up again. I'm having a really hard time getting enough protein and fewer carbs. It seems like everything I want to eat lately is high carbs. I"m not going horribly over, but every day I am. I know I loose better when I keep my carbs in check and my protein high but I just can't seem to get enough protein.
What about taking a protein supplement, like a shake? Take that w some almonds and your appetite will be satisfied My trainer is always pushing me to eat more protein.

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