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Re: 8.5 mo old- no signs of crawling

I think what's more important isn't that they are crawling/walking, but rather making the steps toward those things and appear interested in trying to move around and check things out.

My son didn't crawl until 2 weeks before his first birthday, and didn't walk until 15 months. People nagged us about it (which made DH freaked out that something was wrong with him) but I just knew he was fine and on his own schedule. He would roll and drag himself around, and make attempts to crawl, but it took awhile to really get it. Before he walked, he'd pull himself up and walk along furniture, and think about taking steps but would chicken out. It was cute.

DS is now a very active 2 year old who climbs around like a monkey. It just took him longer to get the physical stuff down, but he tended to be ahead with things like his verbal skills.

If your gut says something is wrong, get her checked. But if it's just because you think she should be crawling at this point or other people make it seem like she should be, then do your best to relax and enjoy it while you can. Sometimes I miss those less mobile days! haha... plus it's so cute watching them try.
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