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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

I am just learning more about snap benefits as my younger sister just started receiving them. I will admit I was FLOORED with how much she gets. She is able to get $490 a month for herself and her 1 year old twin boys. They also get WIC. $490 a month is about 2x what my families budget is for food for 3 kids and 2 adults. I do understand that everyone doesn't get the same and it goes off number of people in the house but I am always floored when she tells me about the foods she buys with snap. I will also admit though that she is not the smartest with budgeting and in general does not understand proper nutrition but she buys a grocery store bakery cake 1x a week at least for herself, gallons of ice cream, steak, shrimp, giant boxes of soda etc. It just seems that maybe there is a flaw in the system when my sister who has 2 young kids who hardly eat anything is getting almost $500 a month and then I hear about larger families getting $100 a month and barely able to feed everyone.
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