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Re: Sharing vs. more toys

Originally Posted by elizabeth.scalf View Post
When you have kids close in age who play with the same toys, how do you balance the lesson of sharing with letting the kids have toys simultaneously? My 2yo and 4 yo both like building with Duplos, but we only have one 'car' piece that they fight over. I can make them share or I can buy another set and have two 'car' pieces.

We have a train track with an engine and one car, so I'm always torn - do I let one play with both train pieces and then take turns, or give each kid one train piece and then they're mad that they don't have a full train? I love to see them play cooperatively, sharing toys back and forth and communicating their desires to each other. But I also know it's important for them to have some independent play where they can exercise their own imagination.

Where's the line?
I would buy another duplo car and another train, but not another train track.

There are things that can be shared - train tracks, blocks, play kitchens, etc. And then there are things that need to be duplicated. They will play cooperatively with 2 cars or 2 trains. They will still need to share the rest of the blocks or the train track.

With bigger things, it gets harder. Do they both need a cozy coupe? No. but, it would help to have another ride on toy so that they can both ride together and take turns on which car they use. Things like that.

You don't need 2 sets of dishes or food for the toy kitchen, but you should have enough plates and bowls that they can both be making meals.

things like that.

you're helping them play together.
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