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Re: Woah Nelly! So that is what ammonia smells like!

Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! Appreciate it!

Originally Posted by emma bemma View Post
I hand rinse each diaper insert in the sink before putting the diapers in my wet bag and that has eliminated the ammonia build up for us. I know its an extra step but totally worth it! Do this after you strip them of course becasue it sounds like you might need to. Good luck!
I do rinse all of DS1's night diapers and all the poopies. We have never had an issue with DS2's straight pee diapers. It is so weird! And the interesting thing, we used diapers from the same load all day yesterday with no problems. Will be interesting to see if we have the problem again tomorrow morning.

Originally Posted by keonli View Post
How much Tide are you using? Could you add a little more to the load and do extra rinses just to make sure they're getting clean after a wash?
I don't think it is physically possible to get more Tide in the detergent dispenser. And I do 3 rinses (should be enough, right?). I do my main cycle with an extra rinse, and since diapers wash at night then sit in the washer all night, I usually do a rinse in the AM before tossing them in the dryer. If I don't they have a slightly funky wet stuff sitting in a sealed container smell, since the washer seals so completely.

Originally Posted by AZmommy View Post
Try the target we have hard water but addtives like calgon and borox vinager ect irritate my LO so I like using as little other stuff as possible (I do use bleach in my prewash) I'm seriously in love with the target stuff and I never thought I'd find something that cleaned better than tide.. Also while we haven't been using them a long time my DD overnight diapers smell jsut like concentrated pee nothing more and they are washing up great.
Yep, your thread got me curious to try the Target stuff. Think I may walk over in a bit since it is across the street from the office to see if they have any.
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