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Re: Disney vacation?

We just came back from a 10 day stay in the parks!

Depending upon when you go, you can get the free dining plan. Even if you can't get it for free and don't plan on doing cooking I recommend getting it. Each of our sit down dinners was at least $100, and our fast food meals were about $40. Now we didn't pay that, it was all covered under our meal plan.

We stayed at the carribean beach resort and loved it! For the other person who said they are staying there. Here's a few tips:
1.They are 2 story buildings and there isn't an elevator. But I do recommend staying on the 2nd level if possible as its not as nosy.
2. Try to request a room near the bus stop, we got lucky and ours was close by but others had a good walk to there's.
3. If you go the port royal for food/pool it might be quicker to walk then talking the internal shuttle depending upon which building you are in.
4. Again depending upon which building you are in when leaving port royal you may be able to hop on any bus to get back to your room and not have to wait for the internal.

The meal plan this is what we had: 1 table top, 1 quick service, 1 snack per person 3+ each day.

We booked a lot of buffets for breakfast/dinner with our tabletops so that we got the most of it. Then with the quick services that was either lunch or dinner depending what our table tops were used for. And You get plenty of food with your quick service and tables. So we were ok with 2 meals each day. I also packed granola bars, and crackers in case we got hungry in the parks. As for the snacks here's a tip I read and it worked out wonderfully for us. The mornings that we didn't have breakfast planned out instead of using a quick service meal and wasting time we used our snacks to picked up muffins/Danishes/fruit the day before and ate them in the mornings. It worked it well! A snack is consider any single serve piece of food, so fruit, cookies, trail mix, candy bar, yogurt, small box of cookies, bottled drinks, muffins, Danish, etc. you can get a lot of different things.

You guys could always get 2 connecting rooms if you can't find any place to fit 8 people. I would also check out the new Disney animation hotel I know there rooms slept more then 4.
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