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Re: WWYD... overweight friend and new furniture...

Originally Posted by danner View Post
Wait a second. Your friend knows he's heavy. Just tell him he's been breaking your chairs and he has to sit in the metal fold up one or whatever. We had a very heavy friend who we used to game with and we had a rolling desk chair that worked for him.

The fact that he's heavy is obvious. Just deal with it honestly. Why beat around the bush or wince when he sits down? Work with him to find a solution.
Unfortunately not everyone would be so happy to hear a person say out loud that they are "heavy" --- even if they know it.

OP - I feel really awful for you AND your friend.

I am not overweight and never have been, but I grew up in a family of obese people, and I have seen the pain it can cause someone to be obese. While breaking your furniture is crappy and really irritating to you, it can be crushingly depressing and amazingly awkward to someone who is obese and is responsible for breaking it. What could they even say? "Uh, your chair broke." or "Um, do you have anything sturdier?" Makes sense to most people, but not always to someone who is morbidly obese and already feels like they aren't worth the poop you scrape off the bottom of your shoe.

there is no easy solution, I really hope you get something figured out.
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