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Originally Posted by Bhavana
I would take it outside onto the grass/ runway and hose it out completely, like drench it. Make your kids jump on it to squeeze the dirt out, and rehose it. Jump. And leave it there for the next two days to dry.

I I know Seattle is a rainy city and you are worried about mold, but just letting the urine sit in for days is also going to cause it to mold.

Maybe you could do it in the night when a particularly bright day is predicted for the next. ...the weatherman maybe your BF for now!
The problem with that is we are now down to high 60s for the high, and that won't change. It is also overcast most of the day, with the high lasting an our tops. The lows are already in the mid 40s. It isn't raining yet, but with how thick the bear is, there is no way it would dry before it started to mold. It molding from the pee is less likely because it is in one spot and did not go all the way through. I'm really hoping the laundromat has a big enough washer/dryer, going to check tonight when DH gets home. Couldn't last night from being insanely busy. If that doesn't work, it is either going to have to come apart or be replaced.
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