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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Wow, 3 posts in a row. I'm special. Or long winded.

Jen - Okay, I compared the two books more closely. Honestly, the only thing Singapore teaches that the CBOM does not is basic multiplication and pre-division. The CBOM teaches 3 digit addition and subtraction with carrying or regrouping (p. 198-230). Singpore does not. Singapore goes farther in money than CBOM does. Both do basic fractions. CBOM does half's, forth's and thirds and shows them in fraction form. Singapore doesn't do do thirds and does not show them in fraction form. Time is done more in-depth in CBOM (to the :15 instead of only :30.) They learn to measure in inches in CBOM and don't in Singapore.

All that to say, now that I'm really comparing the two, I'm realizing that actually, the CBOM really does cover the same things and even takes them farther many things. But, it LOOKS so simplistic, which I think makes it decieving. The only thing I'm seeing missing from CBOM is the multiplication and division. So, now I'm wondering.....did I just waste money? I guess my thinking was that I'm not so into the complex hands on stuff that is a lot of the CBOM and I just felt like I, as the teacher, needed more direction to make sure I am not missing something. An example of that would be that the Singapore instruction guide tells exactly when to memorize math facts and IMO the MFW 1st isn't a great guide on that. My other thought was if we are going to use Singapore (which was the plan) for elementary math, I just wanted to start with them from the beginning. It just felt like I needed a "real" curriculum. Now, I'm realizing, since Zack likes the CBOM and it actually is complete (minus the multiplication/division), why not just stick with it and ignore the hands on that is more intricate than we are interested in? (Too bad I struggle so much with confidence and needed to buy this to make sure I was doing it "right." )

I think I'm probably going to use a combo of the 2, which actually was my original plan until I received the Singapore and for whatever reason started singing a different tune. I know Zack will like the pages in the CBOM better because of all the animals. But, the Singapore gives me more direction and a better grasp of what exactly to teach when. Plus, I do want him to get the multiplication. I think I'm going to ditch the MFW guide pages though and follow Singapore's instructor's guide more closely. Zack doesn't need to go through patterns and sorting and such a second time.

I don't know where Keegan is with regard to math. I find that Zack knows some of this already but not others (like he can measure in inches, but isn't great with telling time). He could skip a lot of it, but I'm going to quickly review things he already knows anyway. I feel like I do need to go through this level of program to make sure he has the foundation. (Plus, he doesn't have it all.) But, I'm happy to let him fly through it and then move on to the next level (2nd grade) earlier than moving up in MFW programs if that's what happens.

That was long. I hope it helps.
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