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ok dont quote i may come back and delete...

almost a year ago we were involved in a hit and run. drunk driver with "extensive criminal history". i intentionally did NOT settle on me bc i was pregnant with dd at the time. i suffered whiplash and abdominal trauma and had cramping and back pain(still have back pain). i was diagnosed with a SCH in the ER (and told it was an ectopic pregnancy which it wasnt). anyways. i settled on the other kids bc they were buckled and checked out and fine with no complaints.
dd has been having seizures and other issues since birth(low muscle tone, sensory type issues and probably a lot we dont know yet). so far we do NOT know why she is having issues(but will have the test results from neuro monday). the doctors have specifically asked if there were any accidents or trauma during the pregnancy and cannot rule out the wreck as having caused issues(unless of course the testing comes back with something concrete). obviously im not looking for $$ if they come up with some absurd genetic reason(we have no history of issues but theres always a chance) BUT if its possible that the wreck is the cause of her problems and she will be needing continued therapies and help then i do think the dumb butt's insurance should cover it. (actually i think he should but it doesnt work that way) but his insurance is pressuring me to settle before we have any answers and i refuse. im not comfortable with that. at all. we are also seeing a lawyer monday about it and he feels there is a valid case.
any opinions? am i doing the right thing? the driver's insurance just chewed me out bc i explained WHY i wasnt settling yet and she got all huffy with me. i know thats her job but still.
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