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Re: curious about brands

I feel like there are like 3 different types of cloth diapering moms out there.

Type 1: Strickly using cloth to save the world, save money and have no interest in developing any fluff addition. Example, I have two cousins. One uses prefolds and Thirsties covers, she's probaby never even heard of a BumGenius. Other cousin bought 24 BG 4.0's and is now using them on her second baby. I gave her a Rumparooz pocket and she didn't even know there were other brands (she claims).

Type 2: (I think this is probably most mom's on here fit in this category). They do their research, they buy a few AIO's a few pockets, maybe a dozen prefolds and some covers, decide what they like then buy more of the kind they like. They might on occassion try something new.

Type 3: (There's quite a few type 3ers on here, me being one of them). They try everything. They switch their entire stash what seems like all the time!!! It's more of a hobby than saving money or the world! I'm for sure one of these moms.

My advice to you. Try a few things, see what you like, then buy more of them. Don't buy 24 BG pockets or 24 fuzzibunz, buy a sample of each. Check out swaddlebees/blueberry too.
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