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Re: Religious people, did you feel called to adopt a certain way?

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post

I fear foster/adoption not because of the problems those children may have, but because I know how sensitive my son is, and he may not do well with having to say goodbye to the child.
You don't necessarily have to foster to adopt from foster care. Lots of people only adopt. In my state you have to have the kids in your home for six months before finalization of the adoption (to make sure it's gonna work out), so you are technically fostering, but you *are* going to keep the kids when the six months is over.

If you let your social worker know that you want to adopt a deaf child, and you look at other states as well, you could eventually adopt one that becomes available. My dh's parents (both deaf) were looking into adopting a deaf girl (had 7 boys trying to have a girl), but ended up getting a divorce so the adoption didn't happen.
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