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Re: Talk to me about HSing

Thank for all the feedback, ladies. It is super helpful. I think that whether I move fwd w/HSing or not, I can still utilize so many of these ideas in our lives.

As for the question of visiting neighbors, that's not really an option. We aren't close enough to walk to neighbors, but I could def find a work around for DH to drive places.

Is there an area to find the acronyms you ladies are using? Some of them I am unfamiliar with.

I will keep checking this & I do have some questions to add, but need to get some other things done right now. I really really appreciate all of your honest replies. It's been difficult to find "real" answers to things - people I have encountered either are very against HSing for some reason or have been so over the top about it, instead of offering me information, I feel like I am being criticized b/c I am not doing things the way they are/PS is wrong/etc.
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