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Re: Holiday Carepackage Foods

I can post recipes of a few things I've done when I have more time, but for now I can suggest things I sent my brother & a few others while overseas in the ME or deployed at sea. Beef jerky seemed to be one of the best treats. Also, I made a homemade trail mix & my brother couldn't get enough of it. Packaging things well plays a big roll in how well it travels/will last. If vacuum seeling is an option, I would do that. I didn't have one so I usually put in baggies & rolled the air out/sealed, then another baggy & for baked goods, I went a step further & put into a toss away plastic container - these things get beat up in shipping & I found that when I didn't send in a container, my recipients got homemade crumbs, but the container got them their cookies/brownies/etc in one piece.

Also, if you're cool with it, I'd suggest sending him enough to share with a friend or two. LOTS of active duty men & women do not have anyone to send them goodies, much less homemade ones. And I know that is a FANTASTIC way to keep morale up, especially over the holidays. I was never in a war zone when on AD, but I was overseas most of my enlistment & it was like getting gold in the mail when I got a care package with REAL homemade baked goods.
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